Pricing Real Estate - Stafford Squier


Basic Home - $300

The basic shoot is for homes up to 2000 sq feet. I deliver 15 to 25 fully processed images ready to upload to your listing service.

Perfect shoot package for almost all homes, apartments, and condos. Shots of front and backyard, family room, dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms

Custom Home - $375

The custom shoot is for homes 2000 to 3000  sq feet. I deliver 25 to 35  fully processed images ready to upload to your listing service.

Additional coverage for larger family homes, especially newer construction with additional family rooms, bedrooms, and large backyards

Luxury Homes - Let's Discuss

Luxury homes deserve some extra attention to present them properly. Let's discuss what your needs are and make a plan to show off your unique property in the best light.  


Blue Sky Replacement $25

The pacific north-west is not known for its blue skies. In fact, Seattle averages over 200 cloudy days per year. Unfortunately, homes shot on cloudy days are less inviting than those with a lovely blue sky. Fortunately, I can replace the clouds with a natural looking blue sky and add light to the exterior of the home 

Twilight Session $100 

Homes shot at twilight have a magical quality. At twilight, homes come to life with a warm inner glow that is welcoming. The challenge is that there are 45 minutes each day when this unique light is available. If you want your property to stand out in the MLS listings, it is worth reserving this window of opportunity. 

Preparing your Home for Photography